Jalal Maghout

Selfie Attempt

Animation, Film, 50 sec

An attempt to take a selfie, could be an exhausting mission. Which side of myself- or more precise: which self of me should it capture? But can it actually be still? Is it able anyway to be captured? A Selfie Attempt, is a try to present a self-portrait in a temporal context, was inspired by a request from someone, who asked to borrow one day from my life, to see how it would look like for them. In addition, this video tries to visualize a tough experience with migraine headaches.



Copyright Jalal Maghout



                                                                                                     Copyright Jalal Maghout

                                                                                                    Copyright Jalal Maghout

Jalal Maghout is an independent filmmaker from Syria who started his film career after receiving a bachelor's degree in visual communication from Damascus University 2010. He has produced and directed a variety of short animated films that were played at festivals around the world, including his most recent film “Suleima”- an animated documentary which has been selected amongst others for: Dok-Leipzig, Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film and ANNECY International Animation Film Festival. Jalal has also an experience as jury member at international film festival, such as in Stuttgart and Annecy.
Besides films, he also has an experience in music videos, caricature, comics and painting. And before moving to Berlin in 2013 he has been working as a teacher at the Damascus University. Currently, Jalal is working on his master-film in Berlin besides developing other projects.